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Thursday, 17 November 2011 21:59 Write a comment Permalink

Hi Stan Glad to see and hear you are still keeping your end up!! Keith here (M+S Security)Hope you and your lovely family are well. I've had a good look at your fan website and it's summat to be really proud of. I'm still in Shrewsbury having kids (4 now!!) and we are just fine. I've been dabbling a bit in my own movie making for which I have sent you a link for you to enjoy. I shot this in Vegas this summer and yes I'm in it jumping 855 feet off the Stratoshpere!!. Tell me what you think. Pehaps I could make a short movie for of you to your favourite sound track. All the best and keep on writing. Keith and family.XXXps sorry I duplicated my text I wrongly added it as a coment to rob in derby.

Stanley Morgan Friday, 18 November 2011 07:29
Many thanksKeith. Great to hear from you. AhLas Vegas...remember it wellthough it has changed a mite since 1974!Keep on trucking. All the best...Stanley.
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