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Monday, 22 October 2018 13:41 Write a comment Permalink

I was so saddened to receive your email today Rob, but thank you for it. Must admit I was about to come onto the site to submit my regular update to Stan as to my current status reading and re-reading (continuously) the complete Tobin saga, as you can see from my many previous emails, and also to send him my yearly happy birthday message. I started reading Tobin back in the mid 70s when I was a Typewriter field service engineer, (foot and bus as I couldn't drive) and was continually on the lookout for the newest one, often buying it on the day of release. I tried to track Stan down in the 90s through the various publishers of the previous books, but had no joy until your site came along, and I'm sure that mine, as well as many other folks pestering, inspired Stan to write Cuckoo. Through this site I managed to contact Stan and we did exchange personal email messages and I have a signed photo that he sent me of his Dr No, concierge part. I now have a feeling of great loss and feel like I've lost a close friend. I can only thank you sincerely for creating and maintaining this wonderful site and will keep returning. Love, condolences and all gratitude to his family, and a huge thank you to the man who gave me so much enjoyment. Tarra Stan

Rob F Monday, 22 October 2018 14:03
Lovely words Tony, and I know Stan very much enjoyed chatting to you and you truly achieved super fan status!

I've had a fairly major tidy up of the content around the films section of the site, and there are now most of Stan's appearances on a dedicated Youtube channel.

As for our friend Mr Tobin, I do have some unpublished draft screenplays from the aborted TV show which I need to re-read and decide if they are worth sharing in some form, so keep checking back. Russ may yet have a brief encore in him!

Tony Harrold Monday, 22 October 2018 17:51
That would be great Rob. To be honest whether or not you need to re-read and decide their sharing worth, as a Tobin fan,I'd love to see anything Tobin related, even in it's rawest and unedited form. Even if via private email. Kind regards and huge thanks again for this, now homage, to the great man!
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